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PayFunc has a wide spectrum of use cases. Don’t hesitate to chat with us using the button in the lower right corner to get to know how we can provide solutions for your use case.

In App Payments

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App-commerce grows fast. More and more clients want to use apps for payments in mobile phones. With PayFunc you can extend Your online business to the physical world by offering your clients in-app payment options. With PayFunc You can design functional and high-converting payment flows.


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Reoccurring/recurring payments is an efficient way to manage your subscription payments. With PayFunc this can be managed in an easy and cost efficient way. With our solution your clients can easily and in secure manner add their payment credentials (card or invoice) via the PayFunc Onboard interface.

Multi-Merchant Market Place

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Digital mobile marketplaces are a growing market with plenty of business opportunities. PayFunc enables single payment with shared settlements inside a marketplace. This enable You to build streamlined business models for mobile commerce.

High Risk Merchants

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A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for businesses that are classified as high risk services by banks, such as airplane tickets, online services, gaming, crypto currencies, insurance products, etc.. We help high risk merchants to find right payment methods for their site. Contact us and we tell You more.

Your Use Case

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Are you missing your particular use case? Do chat with us using the chat widget in the bottom right to know more.