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PayFunc Send

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PayFunc Send is a payment solution where a link to PayFunc Checkout is sent to the customer via sms or email.

Creating an order

After logging into your account at, you can create a new order, either using a customer’s phone number or email address as contact information and either entering the total order amount without specifying details or entering information for every order item.

Example order creation

Items can be added to the order in PayFunc Portal

Sending an order

Once all order information has been entered and confirmed, an sms or email containing a link to PayFunc Checkout will be sent to your customer.

PayFunc Checkout

Clicking on the link will send your customer to PayFunc Checkout, where the order amount and any specification of order items included can be viewed before the customer chooses one of the payment options that your contract includes. Upon completing payment, your customer will be sent do a confirmation page or, in case the chosen payment method is unsuccessful, a page describing the failure.

Example checkout

A summary of the order will be visible in PayFunc Checkout

Example checkout details

Any available order details can be viewed in PayFunc Checkout

Example confirmation page

A confirmation page is displayed upon successful payment completion

Additional order handling

In your account at all orders and their statuses will be listed. You can select one or several orders and perform status changing actions on them, e.g. cancelling an order or marking an order as refunded.