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We offer an extensive reporting platform and back office portal allowing merchants to run report and to administer their payments wherever they are via a simple web interface.


Once you’ve logged in using your user name and password you will remain logged in for 12 hours or until you log out manually.

Logins are valid for 12 hours


The icon furthest to the right in the menu bar can be used to log out.

Order list

The order list contains information about all orders that fits the current filter criteria. At the bottom, the total order count and total amount for all displayed orders is shown, unless some orders are selected, in which case their count and amount is shown.

The order list displays orders and total amount

Selecting orders

Use the checkboxes to the left to select one or more orders.

Changing status

Once one or more orders are selected, status changing actions can be performed by using one of the available buttons in the control to the right. The check mark charges the selected orders, the X-marked button cancels the orders and the curved arrow refunds the orders. Note that the transition must be allowed for all selected orders, based on their statuses, in order to be available.

Status changes can be performed on selected orders


A filter can be set in the field at top. This can e.g. be a phone number, an email address, an amount or a status. Only orders that fit the filter criteria will be displayed. Apply the filter using the search icon or pressing enter. The filter can be cleared using the backspace icon to the right.

The order list can be filtered

Downloading orders

Clicking on the small cloud shaped icon in the bottom right corner will let you download currently selected orders or all orders currently displayed if none are selected. The file uses a comma separated value format.