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Payments for Programmers

PayFunc Checkout

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PayFunc Checkout is suited to be the last step of your customer’s order process. Once all order items have been selected through other means, PayFunc Checkout allows your customer to select from available payment options and complete the payment.

Starting up PayFunc Checkout

When starting up the PayFunc Checkout an order must be included. This order may be more or less detailed. If specifications of ordered items are included, the PayFunc Checkout will show the total amount as default, but a detailed view can be opened with a click.

Example details

Any available order details can be viewed in PayFunc Checkout

Payment Methods

All available payment methods that you have decided to include will be displayed above the order details. Some methods may include more than one option to choose from, e.g. installment plans over a shorter or longer period of time. Details for such options can be viewed by selecting them.

Example options

Some payment methods may include more than one option

Card Payments

If card payment is chosen as the payment method, the customer will enter card data within the window for that option.

Completing Payment

Once the customer has decided on a payment option and entered any required information, the buy-button will take the customer to an external authentication page corresponding to the chosen payment option.

Payment Completion

Upon completion of the authentication, the form action of the integrated PayFunc Checkout will be activated and control will return to your system.