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PayFunc Account

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PayFunc Account helps you to manage payments for customers with which you have an ongoing relationship.

With PayFunc Account, your customers only need to enter their card data once for a certain card. Once the customer has provided the card data, a customer account will be created in our system and you will receive a token representing the account that can be used e.g. for any recurring payments the customer may have or in one-click ordering solutions. You only need to include the token in your API-calls to our system, instead of card data.

Account Lifecycle

PayFunc Account helps you handle the full lifecycle of the payment account. Everything from onboarding, billing to churn minimizations.

Create Account

Accounts are created using the the PayFunc Onboard dialog to register an initial payment method. It can either be integrated into your site or your app or be used standalone. It is also possible to use the PayFunc Portal to send out an email our text message with a registration link.

The onboard dialog can be used to create an account

During the registration your customers will enter their credit card number, expiry date and card security code (CSC, CVV, CVC, etc.). They will also perform 3D secure with their card issuer.

Create Order

Once the account is established, you can create new orders and charge the account whenever you need. No direct action from your customer is required. Of course you need to clarify in your terms of service how your service charges the customers account. The charging can be:
- a fixed monthly fee
- based on usage over a time period
- related to actions the customer has taken in your application or website

Orders can either be created using our web-based API or directly in PayFunc Portal.

Once the order is created you can of course:
- charge
- refund
- cancel


Whenever you charge your customers we will send them receipts for the transaction by email, so you don’t have to. We also provide an ability for your customers to review all their historic orders and download receipts for each of them, saving you the extra support burden.

Maximizing Retention

We provide a range of solutions to minimize that your customers churn on you. Whenever a transaction fails we will email your customer and inform them of the failure and provide them with methods to update their payment methods. When a customers credit card is about to expire we do also send them reminders to update their credit card information well ahead of the expiring.

For those of your customers that consider your service critical to them we provide the possibility of adding several credit cards to an account and to prioritize the order in which they will be used in case the first one fails. This way your customers never risk losing service due to issues with a credit card expiring, a debit card lacking funds or any other reason the card issuer might deny the transaction.

Account Page

We also provide a personal account page to all your customres, to make it easy to update payment and contact information, and to provide easy access to all orders associated to the account.