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Payments for Programmers


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We offer a range of payment methods and an extensive set of ways to integrate PayFunc. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get to know more.

PayFunc Account

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PayFunc Account helps you to manage payments for customers with which you have an ongoing relationship.

Card Payments

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Through the PayFunc Payment Gateway your customers can perform payments using Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro in any currency accepted in the Visa and Mastercard network.

Alternative Payment Methods for the Nordics

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Increase Your revenue with alternative payment methods. Instant payment and invoice based payments like Swish and Mash grow rapidly in the Nordics. A wider payment portfolio can increase Your revenue significantly.

PayFunc Checkout

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PayFunc Checkout is suited to be the last step of your customer’s order process. Once all order items have been selected through other means, PayFunc Checkout allows your customer to select from available payment options and complete the payment.

PayFunc Send

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PayFunc Send is a payment solution where a link to PayFunc Checkout is sent to the customer via sms or email.

PayFunc Portal

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We offer an extensive reporting platform and back office portal allowing merchants to run report and to administer their payments wherever they are via a simple web interface.