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Payments for Programmers

PayFunc UI

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PayFunc Checkout and PayFunc Onboard are PayFunc products that can be integrated into your system.

PayFunc Checkout

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The PayFunc Checkout is perfect for e-commerce applications where the end user checks out after having selected items into a virtual shopping cart.

Some select order data can be supplied through separate attributes to the payfunc-checkout element. It is also possible to instead include a complete order object via the order attribute.

Items can either be a number representing the total order amount, a single Item or an array of Item.

PayFunc Onboard

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PayFunc Onboard guides your users through the process of creating an account used for later transactions. It handles the full process of entering the credit card information as well as performing the full 3D secure authentication procedure. Once everything is done you will receive an account number that you then can use to perform payments towards the user’s credit card without the need for any interaction with the user.