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Payments for Programmers


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Data type used to specify what products are included in an order.

For Item, all properties are optional, but if vat is included, price must be included too. Quantity will be treated as 1 if it’s not included.


Property Type Description
number string (optional) product number in your system
name string (optional) name or description of the product
price number (optional) price per unit (excluding VAT)
quantity number (optional) number of units
unit string (optional) unit for measuring the product
vat number (optional) VAT per unit
rebate number (optional) rebate per unit


	"number": "abc123",
	"name": "ceramic vase",
	"price": 100,
	"quantity": 2,
	"unit": "pcs",
	"vat": 25,
	"rebate": 0