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Payments for Programmers

PayFunc Developer Documentation

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This section contains information about different ways of integrating PayFunc into your service, either directly through our API or using the PayFunc Checkout and PayFunc Onboard services.

PayFunc Checkout provides a visual interface for choosing from available payment methods and completing an order from items that have previously been selected e.g. in a web shop.

PayFunc Onboard is suitable for situations where a customer repeatedly will make payments using the same card, e.g. in recurring payments or in one-click buy solutions. With PayFunc Onboard the customer only need to enter their card data once.

Getting Started

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PayFunc UI

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PayFunc Checkout and PayFunc Onboard are PayFunc products that can be integrated into your system.

PayFunc API

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Your system can interact directly with PayFunc’s JSON-based web API.

PayFunc Reference

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PayFunc data types used in integrations and together with the web API are described here.