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Payments for Programmers

Junior Backend Engineer

200 words 1 minutes Uppsala, Sweden

As a Junior Backend Engineer you will be a part of our growing development team. You will be involved in primarily in backend development even if you are expected to also contribute to frontend code.

What you will do:

  • Develop payment products in TypeScript. Our backend is using the latest serverless platforms such as Cloudflare Workers and Azure Functions.
  • Deploy your code to production daily
  • Work directly with our customers to solve their needs
  • Every second week estimate and plan the upcoming sprint together with the rest of the team

What we are looking for:

For this position we require:

  • A genuine interest in programming
  • High capability of abstract problem solving

If you have experience with some of the following it is extra meriting:

  • TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Unit and system testing
  • Git
  • Payments or fintech experience

What we offer:

  • Experience with a modern development stack and development methods
  • Coaching to become a better programmer
  • Experience with fintech and the payments industry
  • Competitve salary
  • Retirement savings along the lines of ITP 1


Apply for the position here.