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About PayFunc

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PayFunc is a fintech startup focused on helping companies to get paid for their services. We aim to provide the same vast array of options as there is for e-commerce payments today for the growing market of digital and physical services.

Our main office is located in Uppsala, Sweden, 20 minutes from the airport Arlanda and 35 minutes from downtown Stockholm.

Management Team

The PayFunc team represents decades long payment innovation experience as well as deep technical know-how on how to build and run mission critical systems and services.

Päivö Eerola

Päivö fintech career started with a startup building TCP/IP-based payment terminals back in the 1990s and continued as a CEO at Nets in Finland. Currently he’s active as a board member and advisor for payment startups. As a PayFunc founder Päivö is deeply involved in many aspects of the company but his main focus is the area of sales.

Simon Mika

Simon has a strong background in building software systems for safety and security critical applications. He did also build and go public with the image analysis company Imint whose software today runs in over 100 million smartphones worldwide. At PayFunc Simon leads our product and software development team as well as manages the daily operations at our office.

Mikael Wandt

With a MSc in Business and Economics from Stockholms University, Mikael has since the early 2000s been involved as CFO and/or CEO of leading payment companies such as Intrum, Nets and PayEx. Today he advises and helps companies implement transformations. Since founding PayFunc Mikael has been in charge of finances and administration as well as been involved in sales and customer contacts.

Fredrik Bryntesson

With an education in Computer Science and a strong experience in modern cloud based operations Fredrik is in charge of keeping our systems up and running 247 including our continuous integration and deployment pipeline. A major part of his responsibilities is to always ensure that we live up to the requirements of our PCI DSS level 1 certification.


Our Payment Gateway is PCI DSS level 1-compliant and has a cloud first approach. We rely on state-of-the-art software solutions and offer high-level support services.

Brand Resources

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This is the official place for PayFunc logotype and other brand resources.